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Add a new Slide Group and Slug

There are a couple steps to follow in order to create a slideshow for your wp2print website.


The first step is to create a new Slide Group and Slug


If you go to the administrative site, you will see a tab on the left labeled Slideshows :



When you click on this tab, more options appear, such as All Slides, Add New Slide, Slide Groups and Settings :



In order to create a new Slide Group, simply click on Slide Groups. This is what you will see: 



You will want to firstly name your new Slide Group, try to name it so it describes the content of the slideshow.

Here we named ours Example Group for demonstration purposes. 


Next you will want to create a Slug. A Slug is a reformatted version of your Slide Group name. It needs to be URL-Friendly meaning it has to be all lowercase and only contains letters, numbers and hyphens, without spaces in between the words. 


In our case, we cannot use Example Group as a slug, it needs to be lowercase and without spaces in between each word, so we named the slug example-group. We could have also named it examplegroup or example_group.


You then have the option to have a Parent group for your Slide Group. Since this is our first Slide Group we will not use this option. 


Finally you can add a Description of your Slide Group.


Once all this is done, simply click Add New Slide Group at the bottom of the page.



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